Meridian Meditation (stage I)

Meridian Meditation (stage I)

For many people, this may be your first encounter with
meditation, for others, however, may already have
experienced it. No matter what the situation is,
the Meridian Meditation of my demonstration will be the
new experience for everybody.

There are several concepts of Meridian Meditation.

Concept I:
It is not reverie or hypnosis, and there is no
imagination involved.
The only notion is observing your own self.

Concept II:
No symbol needed to be worshipped. It does not
involve with Buddhism or Evil Spirit.

Concept III:
It is important that we take good care of our own
bodies and minds, because we require a lot of energy
to intrinsically develop our chi and meridian.
Therefore, we should put on clothes when we feel cold;
have something to eat when we feel hungry; extra healthy supplements for
nourishing our bodies when we are feeling weak; sleep and rest when we
feel exhausted.

Becoming a vegetarian or not, it depends on your own,
it’s a personal decision. This is not related to your
individual morality and nobility.

Concept IV:
Keeping peace in mind all the time is
important. It should be existed every second and anytime.

There is no religion, politics, or business occurred,
only your heart presents at the moment.

Concept V:
Anything regarding super-spirit and
chaotic mystery are not referred in here.
Meridian Meditation only applied to science, intrinsic wisdom, and
beauty of life.

This is a reference for everybody. Thank you!

Translator : Caroline H.

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