Meridian Meditation (stage II)

Stage II

Condition I
You might have the possibility not knowing what you are heading and
also might totally unaware of your own acupressure point.
There is nothing to worry about or disappointed
You need to be calm and patient, take it slow.

Condition II
You might have experienced pain and soreness on parts of
your body while doing meditation
Your excessive exhaustion and traumas would emerge to the surface
When this moment comes along, don’t be impatient or dislike
Carefully observing yourself, maintaining neutral thoughts

Condition III
You might have started experiencing some flowing thoughts through
your mind, both past and present.
Some events occurred in your mind may not have happened in your present life,
but had the possibility to experience the enormous mood fluctuation
some are likely to re-appeared from your existing re-collection
some are likely to be transformed from your self-awareness
at this moment, you only need to maintain objective
it’s like watching a movie, your mind is free of thoughts
and time to experience your emotional release on its own.

Condition IV
it’s very possible you might sob without control
Sometimes you can get over emotional
as if the entire world has left you alone on your own.

you may also un-expectedly laugh without control
laughing greatly in a very foolish way
laughing with silliness and insaneness
it’s not only laughing at your own self, but also laughing at the idiotic sorrow
of the whole world.
at the same time, the laughter and grief both existed
at times you feel like lunatic
your family and friends most likely also think you are incompatible with them

The only difference between you and the insanity is
you are able to see through this whole process
with maintaining the intrinsic of limpid sensation

you are not insane
you know all the processes
you may realize that many are transforming process and not genuine
alone you see through the entirety with limpid sensation
you would discover what you really have
you need to have much more patience,
the rest just leave to "dhyana/ chan "
Because that is the only " Nature "

Translator : Caroline H. & Yan H.

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